To keep our stores stocked and offer our customers the best possible price, combined with a user friendly catalog. Express Auto Parts inventory lines must be consolidated into: easy to catalog lines. Please read below for some for some inventory lines that get affected and reflect the following notes: All prices are for stock items only. Please contact your local store on pricing on non stock items!


We source hard to find parts, and understand customers need their parts quick! This is the primary reason why prices on non stock items fluctuate!



Affected inventory lines due to low vendor filling rate :



. Beck Arnley (May be replaced with: MANN, MAHLE, Crossland, KFM, OEM, TEC, YEC, Union        Japan, Bosch, Standard Ignition, Denso, TYC, NGK)


. Precision Shift (May be replaced with: Exedy, Qualitee, Rhino, Sachs, Valeo)


.Bosch (May be replaced with: Karlyn STI)


.ITM (May be replaced with: APEX, AJUSA, Top line, Cleveite, Federal Mogul, Mahle)


.Brembo (May be replaced with: ATE, Mountain Japan, OE Brand, AIMCO)


.Satisfied Brake (May be replaced with: PBR, Ate, Mintex, Textar, Pagid, NPN, Sumitomo)


.Empi Axles (May be replaced with: DIV, DSS, FEQ, A-1 Cardone)


Moog (May be replaced with XCP, TRW, 555, lemforder, Hamburg technic,)


Please note: The affected lines are stocked with inventory from OE Manufacturers or equivalent to OE Manufacturers that meet or exceed OEM specifications. This is done when the above mentioned vendors canít supply the demand of our customers.



We strive to keep our customerís happy providing great customer service, plenty of OE inventory at a very competitive price.


Thank You.